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Transportation Lighting

Transportation involves moving people and goods from one place to another. Appropriate lighting designs are crucial – for safely guiding people to their destinations, highlighting buildings and places, also for reducing costs and protecting the environment.

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Outdoor Inspirations

We have brought together examples of some of the world’s most inspiring outdoor lighting projects, to demonstrate what Thorn outdoor lighting products can achieve, in applications ranging from parks and plazas to roads and tunnels.

KEEP MOVING – our transportation lighting guide

The following guide provides an overview of key aspects to consider when planning and designing a lighting installation for transportation spaces and buildings.

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From ports to airports and from train stations to petrol stations, great lighting keeps people and goods moving, day and night.

Webinar: How to light transportation areas - best practice

Wondering how to light transit areas and transportation venues, such as airports, stations and wide spaces? Watch our webinar recording!

10 best practices for transportation lighting projects

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Planning a transportation lighting project? Thorn has designed, implemented and managed many. Here are ten important points to keep in mind.

Porto di Livorno, Italy

The solution has reached very high standards of illumination for such a large and differentiated area requiring perfect light for the many activities that take place there.

Abbey Wood, UK

The lighting solution is an integral part of the stunning and unique new architecture.